It’s about the musical journey


There used to be a time when all I thought about was being a big pop star. It was only a matter of time before the world saw my talent and I would be rich a famous. I just thought that all I needed to do was record a demo in my bedroom and send it to labels and someone would scoop me up and make me famous. I’d never have to work and I would get to travel the world.
Well….the older I get, and the more I know about the big time music biz, the less that matters to me. I am now getting to a place where I make music and write songs because that is what I love. I love the process. I love the feeling I get when I write a decent song or cut a pretty good demo. I also like the fact that I have developed my own music business by helping other songwriters and singers. They hire me for my talents. I can do something they can’t, so they give me money to help them. It means a lot that they see enough value in what I do to hire me. That feels pretty close to what I imagined being rich and famous feels like. I get to make new friends, make new music and make some money. That is all pretty sweet. So as the new year starts, i want to focus on making music. I want to write songs that I like and not worry about whether they will be liked by the masses. I want to sing my songs. I want to have other people sing my songs. I want to finish the projects i have in the works with my great clients. Most of all, I want to enjoy the process and the experience. That is where success comes from.
– Chad

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