New Song: “I Will Tonight”


I wrote a new song yesterday called, “I Will Tonight” Listen to it here.

Listen to “I Will Tonight”

I Will Tonight
by Chad Sharp 12-11-10

Stuck here in my cube
Workin 9 to 5
Not gonna think about ya
Cuz it would blow my mind
I hold excitement back
I keep it all inside
I can’t think about ya
But that’s just right now

I Will Tonight
Find the rhythm of my heart
Gonna kiss you as the stars align
I Will Tonight
Gonna show you how I feel
Wanna make this dream come alive

I think of our last date
I had a real good time
I had a chance to kiss ya
I let it pass me by
Guess I missed the chance
Timing wasn’t right
Lost a perfect moment
But that’s just last time


I never found the way to show you
Just what I feel

CHORUS repeats

©2010 Chad "Sharp" Shank, Rowley Street Music, BMI


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