How to Book Your Own Tour: Part 4


So now you have your tour booked! How do you promote it?

Here is what I did to promote my tour:

1. Looked up every TV, radio, website, magazine I could find in each place I was performing
2. Typed up a press release that announced the tour and all of the dates
3. Sent the release 4 months in advance to all the media outlets I found
4. Sent event/calendar listings to any local events calendars I could find in each city
5. Sent posters and CD’s to each venue
6. Sent a reminder press postcard to media 1 month before the tour

I did not do any media follow up calls…I probably should have…it maybe would have helped get more press. I did get featured in some newspapers, and the Associated Press picked up the story in South Dakota…which got me exposure in tons of papers and radio…even places I was not performing.

I had about 30 people show up at each coffee shop gig that I did, which I thought was great…since no one had really heard of me before.

Here are some things I gained from doing a tour:
1. I set a goal and did it
2. Got some Press
3. Sold some CD’s
4. Got to perform for people I did not know
5. Had a blast traveling over those 2 weeks
6. Got experience I can share and use again
7. All those dates looked great on my website!!

I should mention that I stayed in a few motels…some more expensive than I should have…and I also stayed with friends/family….So there was expenses involved, but I found the experience and exposure to be worth it.

So if you take some time and follow the steps that I did, you could book yourself a nice little tour.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them!

– Chad Sharp


5 Responses to “How to Book Your Own Tour: Part 4”

  1. 1 Billie B

    I am a brand new manager/promoter booking a tour for upcoming super star AM&A and your tips have been very helpful. Thank you.

  2. 2 Cleaus

    Hi Chad

    I was just wondering, in total, how much did you spend to do the tour before you actually went?


    • I did not spend very much before going. I already had my equipment. I had a little Fender Passport PA system, and Yamaha Motif Keyboard that I just packed up in my car. The prep work didn’t cost much at all. It doesn’t cost much to buy an Atlas and plan the route, and then make phone calls and set up gigs. I did have to make a few press kits which were probably 8 dollars each. The real expense came from actually doing the tour….gas, hotel, food, etc. I think in total I probably spent between $1,000 and $2,000. I splurged on some more spendy hotels, which was just me wanting to do something fun and fancy. That was not a necessity. – CHAD

  3. 4 Adriano

    What about buying a roulotte? that would save a lot of money! thanks for the tips, I had in mind much of what’s been said so far, hope this will apply in italy (damn private highways) — cheers!

  4. 5 Levi

    All of this was great use to me but I have a few concerns and questions…

    How much would you ask from the places you hire ?

    Do you have to pay for the venues ?

    If you was doing a two day concert at the same place and it wasn’t near home did they contribute for rooms to stay at a motel

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