How to make your song melodies better


Songwriting is one of those things that really takes both talent and know how. Some people seem to start further along than others, but all of us songwriters grow the more we write. I think I have made, still make, and will make some of the most simple songwriting mistakes….but one great way to bump up your quality is to make sure you are taking your listeners somewhere. Specifically I am talking about melody and the range of that melody. Each song should go somewhere. The big mistake that too many writers make is that the melody range stays almost the same throughout the entire song. What does this do? It bores the hell out of your listener, and it makes them not listen to your song again. So what can you do?
Easy fix, here. Each song section should contrast to the next. An example would be in a verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus song.
Your verse would be the lowest melody, chorus would be higher in pitch, and the bridge would be the money shot and highest. Think of it as small, medium and large. If you follow this, you automatically add contrast to your song, which should be your goal. Without contrast, your song is in Dullsville, USA.
So you are low, higher, low again, higher, then WHOA highest, then go back to high to round it on out. Even just reading that sounds nice, doesn’t it. Imagine if it was just low, low, low, low, low, low, low. Ouch that sucks.
Now make sure your melodies don’t suck.

~ Chad


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  1. O like to make party songz

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