Book a Tour for Your Band

Chad Sharp live in MN

Chad Sharp live in MN

Are you a band or artist looking to go on tour to promote your music?  A few months ago I wrote some posts about how I booked a tour when my CD, “Personal” came out.  I had some people ask to have the tips and links put into one post….so Here Ya Go!





The goal here is to share ideas on promoting your music. If you have any ideas to share with other acts, please post them in the comments section. We can all learn from each other.
Please check out my website, C-Sharp Productions
– Chad Sharp


2 Responses to “Book a Tour for Your Band”

  1. Soul Pimps are in the final stages of mixing there 4th album. Have toured West coast in past. Currantly no managment. Looking to promote new album and tour west coast again. Accomplishments: 38,000 records sold to date, Provided all the music for TV show Board Wild. Activley involved with action sports shows.

  2. 2 John

    I have been using Independent Musicians Touring Guide from the App store to book all my shows. This is a niche app that lists only the best mid-sized club level venues, and tells you specifically what to say to book shows. It is for independent artists looking to make the booking process simpler and faster.

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