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Listen to “Tonight We Dance” then read below. This past weekend I wrote a song. I wanted to share the thought process and some of the “behind the scenes” workings of the song. This new song is called, “Tonight We Dance.” The tempo is 132 bpm. The goal was to create a bridge that contrasted […]

If you want to write songs that are commercially viable, or at least in the realm of mainstream popular songs, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to write. One way to write some pretty sweet songs is to really study songs that are already hits. Take what works for […]

I am always excited when some of my clients start to see some success with song demos that I produce for them. This year, I got the news from one of my clients in Connecticut that his song, “Come to Me” had won the Billboard Song Contest, first place in the Dance genre! The client […]

Songwriters are not usually recording engineers or music producers, so they need someone else to record their demos. They need someone to make the song come to life in the hopes it lassos in some kind of deal or better yet, money! BUT, I think too many songwriters make a simple mistake when choosing who […]

I have been hearing some buzz about an indie artist that is starting to make some waves. I love the stories of artists that get somewhere without a big time label writing checks behind them. Read mo’ here. ~ Chad C-Sharp Productions Song Demos

I simply love the passion and drive behind Panic at the Disco’s singer and his songwriting. He says he is basically addicted to writing songs. He does it every single day. I love that! I aspire to be more like that. Read more. ~ Chad I write music to your lyrics

In the music business, the crowd of people that work together is quite small. People work with people they know, and they hire people they know have the skills to get results. It always amazes me how many hit songs are written by established artists who moonlight doing songwriting. Gaga is getting her write on. […]