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Songwriters are not usually recording engineers or music producers, so they need someone else to record their demos. They need someone to make the song come to life in the hopes it lassos in some kind of deal or better yet, money! BUT, I think too many songwriters make a simple mistake when choosing who […]

There used to be a time when all I thought about was being a big pop star. It was only a matter of time before the world saw my talent and I would be rich a famous. I just thought that all I needed to do was record a demo in my bedroom and send […]

One of the most common emails I get from people who write lyrics is, “Should I record a demo even if I just write lyrics?” My answer is, “Absolutely.” What better way to let people experience your work? A demo is a great way to share your lyrical talent with the world. You don’t even […]

Today I was thinking about what I would tell someone who was looking to transition from the “day job,” to being a full-time musician. The best advice I could think of was, “Pretend like you just lost your day job.” I thought, what better way to see if you are ready to take that step […]

Many songwriters that I work with send me lyrics that are really poems. Good poems, but more poetry than songs. Many times I take the overall theme and ideas of the poem and break it down into song structure. Songs have very distinct sections and structure. Poems are a little more free, and many times […]

Are you looking for a great gift idea for a songwriter? What about buying them studio time to record a demo of one of their songs?? They would love it! If they write words and need music put to their words, then you should think about getting them some studio time! C-Sharp Productions is a […]

I have had my music production company, C-Sharp Productions for 13 years. I have worked with singers and songwriters in almost all styles of music. It is alot of fun to help people record demos and make their music a reality. There is one thing, though, that always amazes me. I am always shocked at […]