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I saw an older EPK of an artist that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced some years ago. Her name is Lisa Keith. In an interview she said that Terry Lewis encouraged her to write her own songs. At the time, she was just a vocalist she had not ventured into songwriting. She said that […]

Part of being a great songwriter is to always be on the look out for great ideas. All of us get into ruts. It feels like we are writing the same songs over and over. I do. You probably do too. I seem to start in the same keys, use the same chord inversions, same […]

This past weekend was Gay Pride Weekend here in Minneapolis.  It is one of the largest Pride celebrations in the USA…and it is FUN!! I got to catch some great live performances… Saturday night I got to hear Deborah Cox perform live.  She has such an incredible voice.  She is right up there with the […]