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Not all songwriters can actually write music. Many ar just lyric writers. The songs they write are from their heart and can be very moving, but they don’t have a way to express it with music. Another situation is where the songwriter can write the words and even can sing the melody, but that is […]

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I run into so many songwriters, singers, engineers, producers….you name it….that ask each other, “Do you do music full time?” It is like there is some unwritten rule that says in order to be “really” good at a music career you have to do it “full time.” Well what these people are really asking is, […]

If you are songwriter who is looking for real, honest opinions of your work, you need to have a professional song critique. The information you can gather from having your songs critiqued is invaluable. If you take what you hear and use it to learn, you will become a better songwriter and will write the […]

One of the most common emails I get from people who write lyrics is, “Should I record a demo even if I just write lyrics?” My answer is, “Absolutely.” What better way to let people experience your work? A demo is a great way to share your lyrical talent with the world. You don’t even […]

We all have songs that we love. They touch us. We laugh, we cry, we get pissed, we make love, we…….the list goes on and on. Why do these songs do this? How can we make our music do that for other people? The key lies in touching people. There are 5 very powerful ways […]

I just heard about this book called ‘Future Hit DNA.’ I downloaded the first chapter that they offer for free and I was really blown away by the points that the author brings up. It really got my wheels spinning in my head about how music is listened to today and how songwriters should adapt […]