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I heard some great advice the other day. Someone said, “If you are a songwriter you need to write for tomorrow, not today.” Kinda deep, but what it really means is that you can’t follow and imitate what is on the radio right now. If it is on the radio right now, that means it […]

How do you become successful and get noticed in the music business? If you really want to be taken seriously by record labels and production companies, you need to invest in yourself. You need to be willing to invest both time and money. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will want to […]

For all you Facebook junkies, you can now become a fan of C-Sharp Productions on FB. Go to Facebook and search for “C-Sharp Productions.” Also be sure to sign up for the newsletter at

If you are a band or singer in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, MN you really should make a profile on The site is a great way for other musicians to find each other.  You can also use the site to find venues to book your act. You can also find out where other acts […]