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As soon as your songs are on a fixed media….written or recorded…you can claim copyright, even if it is not registered with the government. You can use the ©2011 YOUR NAME and claim ownership of what you created. But what does copyright really get you? What is a copy right? Copyright offers some basic rights […]

The key to making money in the music business is to look for any income streams you can find. You won’t want to have all your eggs in one basket, just in case one stream dries up. So, if you are a songwriter that is just getting started or looking for new ways to makes […]

We live in a very exciting time where it is possible to make money with your music even if you are not signed with a record label or music publisher. I am going to list a few of the ways that I have generated some income from my music. These things are opportunities that can […]

I got a royalty statement in the mail yesterday. One of the licensing companies I use to promote my songs and music got me some placement on HBO. Pretty exciting! The best part about it is that it made me some money. So now I have had music used on quite a few TV networks. […]

My favorite online radio station…one of the greatest ever…is in danger of shutting down. Why? Well new royalties have been passed that try to collect more money for artists and labels. See, the labels aren’t selling as many CD’s so they have to try to come up with money somewhere….so why not charge more for […]

BMI has released an article that says ringtone revenue has been decreasing, while Ringbacks have been increasing. BMI is a performing rights organization that collects and distributes royalties to songwriters whose work is used in many forms of media. The article stated that BMI believes that ringtones are fetching less money for the music industry […]