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We live in a very exciting time where it is possible to make money with your music even if you are not signed with a record label or music publisher. I am going to list a few of the ways that I have generated some income from my music. These things are opportunities that can […]

How do you become successful and get noticed in the music business? If you really want to be taken seriously by record labels and production companies, you need to invest in yourself. You need to be willing to invest both time and money. If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will want to […]

In today’s music climate, it makes complete sense to start promoting your own music. Donald Passman wrote a great article about it: Record a hot demo

The funny thing is that if you are packing gigs, selling thousand of CD’s and keeping in touch with thousands on your mailing list……you don’t need a label! 🙂

I get asked, “Should I send my CD to record labels?” all the time. My answer is usually, not unless you know someone at the label.  In 95% of all cases if you do not know someone or have not had something specifically requested, it will not get listened to. If you do not know […]

If you are looking for a studio in Minneapolis to record Pop, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop or Country you should really work with C-Sharp Productions.  We have a lot of exciting new projects in the works and we are going to be putting out some hot new music in the next few months. You will want […]

One of my friends has his own record label in Minneapolis called Tyrol Hills Music. He has had his label since around 1987, so more than 20 years. He launched the label with a song called, “Minnesota Morning.” It was written by Jeff Brooks.  It is a great song about Minnesota and how it makes […]