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Well gang, my new CD is now available online!! I am super excited. I am really happy with how the project turned out. It is a collection of Dance-Pop-R&B songs all written and produced by me. I also had some help from my friend Tori Fixx. Tori did a hot verse on the song ‘Risque.’ […]

One of the most common emails I get from people who write lyrics is, “Should I record a demo even if I just write lyrics?” My answer is, “Absolutely.” What better way to let people experience your work? A demo is a great way to share your lyrical talent with the world. You don’t even […]

Check out the hot new song from Chad Sharp. It features an appearance by Tori Fixx. The song was recorded in Minneapolis and is from the upcoming Chad Sharp CD. Music recorded and mixed at C-Sharp Productions.

“Rock Your Body” is the new online single from Pop-Dance-R&B artist, Chad Sharp.  The song has a an upbeat, driving club feel. It is about seeing hot boys at the club and wanting to dance the night away.  Sharp is an openly gay artist who is based in Minneapolis, MN. The song was recorded in […]

Well here it is Monday morning already! Why doesn’t work go that fast?  Anways, it was a pretty good weekend for me music-wise. I did not have any projects or work to do, so I had a chance to work on some new music for my next CD. I did 4 new music tracks. I […]

Thank God it is FRIDAY!!! It has been a busy, busy week….so in celebration of the weekend I am giving away some music! Download the full Mp3 of “Know About You” — from the CD ‘Personal’ by Chad Sharp –  😉

You can now order songs from my new CD, “Previously Unleashed” on iTunes.  You can order individual tracks or the entire album. Each track is just 99 cents and the whole project is $9.99. Go to iTunes and search for Chad Sharp. Tracks include: Yes Please, Back When You Wanted Me, Make U Feel Good, […]