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Today I was thinking about what I would tell someone who was looking to transition from the “day job,” to being a full-time musician. The best advice I could think of was, “Pretend like you just lost your day job.” I thought, what better way to see if you are ready to take that step […]

I am still in the more ‘conceptual’ stage of my new music project. I am kind of hesitant to even call it a “CD.” Since I am not 100% sure that I will release it as a CD. It may just be a full online release through digital retailers. That would save quite a bit […]

I have my own recording studio in Minneapolis, and if I had a dollar for every time I hear independent singers and songwriters say, “I want to take my music to the next level.” I would have as much money as Simon Cowell. Seroiusly, I hear it over and over again. It got me thinking […]

I am currently looking for a few very select acts to sign to independent recording contracts. I have been receiving demo kits from artists, and frankly have to make some comments on how artists can improve their chances of getting taken seriously. 1. If the label asks for a CD, send a CD!! — I […]