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Today is the big day we get to unveil the new C-Sharp Productions website! Over the last few months we have been expanding our services to songwriters and independent artists. We now offer recording and production AND songwriting coaching and lessons! C-Sharp Productions is becoming a recording studio for new songwriters and singers, and creating […]

I run into so many songwriters, singers, engineers, producers….you name it….that ask each other, “Do you do music full time?” It is like there is some unwritten rule that says in order to be “really” good at a music career you have to do it “full time.” Well what these people are really asking is, […]

Well gang, my new CD is now available online!! I am super excited. I am really happy with how the project turned out. It is a collection of Dance-Pop-R&B songs all written and produced by me. I also had some help from my friend Tori Fixx. Tori did a hot verse on the song ‘Risque.’ […]

We all have songs that we love. They touch us. We laugh, we cry, we get pissed, we make love, we…….the list goes on and on. Why do these songs do this? How can we make our music do that for other people? The key lies in touching people. There are 5 very powerful ways […]

If you want to really expand your songwriting arsenal, you should be listening to other genres. If you are finding it hard to break your songwriting habits and come up with new ideas, you may just have to change what you are listening to. – Chad Sharp

I meet many people who write 1 good song and think they are the next huge songwriter or singer. Odds are that your 1 song may get you some attention, but most publishers, agents and labels are going to want to see that you can produce top notch music over and over again. They are […]

Getting exposure is crucial to developing your music career. You should set a goal of doing 1 thing every week that gets your music exposure. Here are some ideas of what you can do: 1. Start a Facebook page for your music 2. Start a MySpace Page for your music 3. Atten local music organization […]