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The key to making money in the music business is to look for any income streams you can find. You won’t want to have all your eggs in one basket, just in case one stream dries up. So, if you are a songwriter that is just getting started or looking for new ways to makes […]

The key to making a living or just making some extra money from music is to diversify. If you are a songwriter there are a few key ways to generate revenue from your songs. I thought I would list some ways that I have been able to generate royalties from my works. 1. Licensing: This […]

I got a royalty statement in the mail yesterday. One of the licensing companies I use to promote my songs and music got me some placement on HBO. Pretty exciting! The best part about it is that it made me some money. So now I have had music used on quite a few TV networks. […]

Hello again from Minneapolis!! Ok….so what are your top ten talents? Maybe your list looks like this: 1. Singing 2. Dancing 3. Writing songs 4. Playing guitar 5. Art design 6. Outgoing 7. marketing 8. accounting 9. I’m attractive 10. public speaking¬†¬† (Again these are just examples…your list could be completely different) Now when you […]