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If you want to write songs that are commercially viable, or at least in the realm of mainstream popular songs, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to write. One way to write some pretty sweet songs is to really study songs that are already hits. Take what works for […]

I will be wrapping up getting a certificate in songwriting from the Berklee College of Music and their Berklee Music Online programs. I have found these courses have helped me grow as a writer. It helped me clean and tighten up some of my work. It helped me see songwriting in a few different lights. […]

Songwriting is one of those things that really takes both talent and know how. Some people seem to start further along than others, but all of us songwriters grow the more we write. I think I have made, still make, and will make some of the most simple songwriting mistakes….but one great way to bump […]

I saw an older EPK of an artist that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced some years ago. Her name is Lisa Keith. In an interview she said that Terry Lewis encouraged her to write her own songs. At the time, she was just a vocalist she had not ventured into songwriting. She said that […]

Every songwriter is different. Every song is different (if the writer does his job.) One thing I have discovered is that even though I seem to lean one way in my writing, I do write from different starting places for the songs. Sometimes I write lyrics first, then melody and music. Sometimes I have the […]

One way that I have found I can come up with better sounding lyrics and melodies is to perform my lyrics like an actor first. What this means is that once you get some words down on the page, pretend they are words from a play. Don’t sing them, but perform them as if an […]