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One of the most common emails I get from people who write lyrics is, “Should I record a demo even if I just write lyrics?” My answer is, “Absolutely.” What better way to let people experience your work? A demo is a great way to share your lyrical talent with the world. You don’t even […]

We all have songs that we love. They touch us. We laugh, we cry, we get pissed, we make love, we…….the list goes on and on. Why do these songs do this? How can we make our music do that for other people? The key lies in touching people. There are 5 very powerful ways […]

Every songwriter is different. Every song is different (if the writer does his job.) One thing I have discovered is that even though I seem to lean one way in my writing, I do write from different starting places for the songs. Sometimes I write lyrics first, then melody and music. Sometimes I have the […]

One way that I have found I can come up with better sounding lyrics and melodies is to perform my lyrics like an actor first. What this means is that once you get some words down on the page, pretend they are words from a play. Don’t sing them, but perform them as if an […]

Well here it is Monday morning already! Why doesn’t work go that fast?  Anways, it was a pretty good weekend for me music-wise. I did not have any projects or work to do, so I had a chance to work on some new music for my next CD. I did 4 new music tracks. I […]

If you are someone who writes lyrics, but does not write music. I can help you with that. I have people asking me all the time if I can put music to their words. The answer is yes!! I offer a special lyric writer demo service. If you send me your lyrics and ideas, I […]