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When I lived in South Dakota, I sponsored a contest that allowed the winner to record a CD single with C-Sharp Productions. The artists and I cowrote songs and released them. One of the winners was a singer-songwriter named Janice Gilbert. Her energy, attitude and talent set her apart from all of the other contestants. […]

According to Janice’s CDbaby page, it was back in 2004 when she and I began working together.  It doesn’t seem possible that it was that long ago, but time does fly!  At that time C-Sharp Productions and I were sponsoring a contest with the South Dakota State Fair called, “Dakota Star.”  It was a contest […]

When I started my music production company in 1996 I was in Mitchell, SD.  I was born and raised there. So I made it one of my goals to help develop and promote South Dakota singers and songwriters.  I decided to team up with the South Dakota State Fair and sponsor a singing competition called “Dakota […]