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I have been hearing some buzz about an indie artist that is starting to make some waves. I love the stories of artists that get somewhere without a big time label writing checks behind them. Read mo’ here. ~ Chad C-Sharp Productions Song Demos Advertisements

This past week it was reported that CD sales dropped by 17 million in 2008, and digital downloads grew by 8 million.  So what this means for independent artists is that one of the fastest growing means of distribution is at their finger tips. CDBaby and Tunecore are great ways that artists can release music […]

I encourage many artists I work with to promote their music online. Here is an article I found about Jody Watley who is launching a new venture. She is going to try to sell new music directly to her niche market fans. Read about how the R&B Star is using the internet to sell music.

Last weekend I was at Circuit City in Maple Grove, MN….sweet suburbia at it’s finest. I happened to notice that they had about 6 or 7 NEW vinyl record players. My first thought was that people would buy a record player so they could record the music on to CD or into their i-pods. Well […]

As you know from news reports and my last post, CDBaby was recently purchased by Discmakers.  In the press stories it has been reported that CDbaby has paid musicians $81 million! That is quite impressive. That is millions of dollars straight into the hands of everyday, creative, hardworking musicians and artists. I am happy to […]

Well I got an email yesterday from Derek Sivers.  He is the founder of CDbaby, and really created a great service for indie musicians.  He has stepped back for a while now and let the business machine keep going.  Now he has sold CDbaby to Discmakers. I am not sure what I feel about Discmakers […]

One of the keys to writing great songs is to make sure they have a strong hook.