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Songwriters are not usually recording engineers or music producers, so they need someone else to record their demos. They need someone to make the song come to life in the hopes it lassos in some kind of deal or better yet, money! BUT, I think too many songwriters make a simple mistake when choosing who […]

Not all songwriters can actually write music. Many ar just lyric writers. The songs they write are from their heart and can be very moving, but they don’t have a way to express it with music. Another situation is where the songwriter can write the words and even can sing the melody, but that is […]

One of the questions I get asked all the time comes from songwriters.  Many people ask me, “Do I need to have a demo recorded for my songs?”  My simple answer is, yes.  In today’s music landscape many labels and publishers expect to hear high quality demos. The days of boombox recorded guitar vocal demos […]