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I wrote a new song yesterday called, “I Will Tonight” Listen to it here. Listen to “I Will Tonight” I Will Tonight by Chad Sharp 12-11-10 Stuck here in my cube Workin 9 to 5 Not gonna think about ya Cuz it would blow my mind I hold excitement back I keep it all inside […]

Well gang, my new CD is now available online!! I am super excited. I am really happy with how the project turned out. It is a collection of Dance-Pop-R&B songs all written and produced by me. I also had some help from my friend Tori Fixx. Tori did a hot verse on the song ‘Risque.’ […]

Check out the hot new song from Chad Sharp. It features an appearance by Tori Fixx. The song was recorded in Minneapolis and is from the upcoming Chad Sharp CD. Music recorded and mixed at C-Sharp Productions.

Download my new song, “Minneapolis Hot Summer Nights” It was recorded in my apartment in the Twin Cities. I have more dance songs in the works. Once I have 12 songs I will release all of them online. – Chad Sharp

It is Friday….rainy and cold here in Minnesota.  So I thought I would help warm you all up with a free download of a hot remix. Feel free to download, and share with friends….if you enjoy the music, come back and purchase some CD’s or downloads at “Know About You” – Dance Remix – […]

If you are looking for a studio in Minneapolis to record Pop, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop or Country you should really work with C-Sharp Productions.  We have a lot of exciting new projects in the works and we are going to be putting out some hot new music in the next few months. You will want […]

I get calls and emails all the time from singers and performers that want to make CD’s. Many of them have never recorded before, let alone recorded anything.  This means they are usually not familiar with the process and what goes into producing a project. They usually just know that they love singing and they […]