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If you are a songwriter, you have probably asked yourself that question. Do you need a fully produced demo? Well….the answer is probably. Today’s music world is not based on what “could” be it is based more on what IS. What does this mean? It means labels, and publishers don’t have the money or patience […]

There used to be a time when all I thought about was being a big pop star. It was only a matter of time before the world saw my talent and I would be rich a famous. I just thought that all I needed to do was record a demo in my bedroom and send […]

“Rock Your Body” is the new online single from Pop-Dance-R&B artist, Chad Sharp.  The song has a an upbeat, driving club feel. It is about seeing hot boys at the club and wanting to dance the night away.  Sharp is an openly gay artist who is based in Minneapolis, MN. The song was recorded in […]

Many songwriters that I work with send me lyrics that are really poems. Good poems, but more poetry than songs. Many times I take the overall theme and ideas of the poem and break it down into song structure. Songs have very distinct sections and structure. Poems are a little more free, and many times […]

So those of you who have been following my last few posts know that I am jumping in and working on a new CD of my own material. This week I have not made any new tracks or completed any songs, but I have been writing down a lot of lyrical and title ideas. I […]

Over the last month or so, I have had the great pleasure of recording with a new up and coming singer and songwriter from the Rochester, MN area. Her name is Mary Mehrkens. She is a high school student who really surprised me. She called and said, “I want to record a demo.” So we […]

If you are someone who writes lyrics, but does not write music. I can help you with that. I have people asking me all the time if I can put music to their words. The answer is yes!! I offer a special lyric writer demo service. If you send me your lyrics and ideas, I […]