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What does it really take to start and continue a music career? How can you get into the music industry? Well the answer to how you get into the industry…..You say you are in the industry. There is no magoc gatekeeper and the music business is not a magical paradise that only a few get […]

Vevo and MTV


Looks like MTV is losing a little bit more of the M. Vevo is starting to gain more music promotion momentum. Read it here – Chad C-Sharp Productions Demo Studio

Check out the hot new song from Chad Sharp. It features an appearance by Tori Fixx. The song was recorded in Minneapolis and is from the upcoming Chad Sharp CD. Music recorded and mixed at C-Sharp Productions.

Too many people keep using money as an excuse to not really grow their music careers. In today’s music world, you don’t need a bunch of money. I think alot of artists and bands are just lazy and are looking for someone to do all the work for them. You should not be one of […]

Every singer, songwriter, or musician I know wants to make money with their music. Maybe they don’t want to be a big music celebrity, but they want to do something they love and not have to rely 100% on their day job. Over the next six days I will give you some tips on how […]

I am still in the more ‘conceptual’ stage of my new music project. I am kind of hesitant to even call it a “CD.” Since I am not 100% sure that I will release it as a CD. It may just be a full online release through digital retailers. That would save quite a bit […]

So as of late I have not been doing much of my own music. It has been over a year in fact that I have even ‘semi’ released any of my own music. I am usually busy recording demos for other singers and songwriters, which is great! I am now feeling the itch to start […]