Not All Songwriting Demo Services Are Created Equal


Songwriters are not usually recording engineers or music producers, so they need someone else to record their demos. They need someone to make the song come to life in the hopes it lassos in some kind of deal or better yet, money! BUT, I think too many songwriters make a simple mistake when choosing who they want to record their song demos.
What mistake do they make?
I think they choose their studio by looking only at price. They see $X on one website and then see another price and instantly want to spend less. Well….this works if you are buying groceries, but song demos are not groceries. They are not created equal. Same price does not mean same quality. Yes, I am in the demo production business, so I hope you choose me, BUT I want you to go with your ears. I want you to really choose your producer because of the quality of what they do. Your product will be better if you let the producer produce.

So how do you choose the right demo producer for you?
You need to ask some questions….

1. Does the style of the producer match what you are looking for?
2. Do the previous works sound professional?
3. Does the studio or producer offer a critique or song consulting service? – What do they think of your song?
4. Will the producer be honest about deadlines and what they can do?
5. Does the studio list testimonials from previous clients?
6. How much do they charge? Does it fit into your budget?
7. Are you willing to save up to afford the best demo you can?
8. Again, the most important question to ask is…DOES THIS STUDIO HAVE THE SOUND I AM LOOKING FOR?

If you ask these questions, you will be on the road to getting a great sounding song demo. Will it be the cheapest? Maybe, maybe not….but remember you should be able to use this demo for years and years to come. Demos are not groceries, you should shop for quality, not price. If it takes a little bit to save a bit more money, it would be worth it in the long run.

~ Chad

C-Sharp Productions Song Demo Studio


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