5 Ways to Make Money with Your Songs


The key to making money in the music business is to look for any income streams you can find. You won’t want to have all your eggs in one basket, just in case one stream dries up. So, if you are a songwriter that is just getting started or looking for new ways to makes some cash, you can take some of these ideas and use them as seeds to grow your music biz. I will list 5 ways to make money writing songs, but there are probably many, many more, but these may spark some inspiration.

1. Licensing to TV and film: Sites like PumpAudio.com and YouLicense.com can help you with this. BUT your songs will need to be broadcast quality. Pump audio has helped me make hundreds of dollars on song placements on National TV shows!

2. Getting Placements and Cuts on Indie CD releases: If you can get independent artists to cut your song, you can start collecting mechanical royalties when they release their CD. Most songwriters shoot for the big, established artists, but there are literally thousands of independents that need great songs too! Find em!

3. Give Songwriting Lessons: If you write good songs, there are probably people in your town that want to learn how to write good songs. You can charge by the hour to show them how it is done. This concept is similar to the piano or guitar lessons biz. You could make some good cash if you market yourself.

4. Write Custom Songs: I have known a few songwriters that get paid to write personalized, or custom songs for special occasions. You could pull in a few hundred dollars per song, which is pretty good. But you have to be OK with the client owning the rights to the song when it’s done….unless they sign some other kind of agreement.

5. Perform your songs live: You can make performance fees and tips if you get out and perform your songs live. This is a cool way to make some money AND get your tunes in front of an audience. I have some older posts on this blog about booking a tour. Search for those and many other music tips and ideas.

And if you are needing to get a great sounding demo cut of your song, or you need a broadcast quality recording so you can get your song licensed, please check out my song demo studio, C-Sharp Productions.
Do you have any other money making ideas you could share?

~ Chad


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