4 Must Take Classes at BerkleeMusic.com


I will be wrapping up getting a certificate in songwriting from the Berklee College of Music and their Berklee Music Online programs. I have found these courses have helped me grow as a writer. It helped me clean and tighten up some of my work. It helped me see songwriting in a few different lights. It has been great. This summer I will wrap up my 4th course with them. I will have a certificate, but more than anything it is a nice cherry on top of the many years of writing experience I have gotten on my own. BUT…even if you are a beginning writer, these courses kick some serious ass. It breaks the concepts down to their low and dirty core and makes alot of things make sense.
I would suggest focusing on 3 or 4 core songwriting classes with them. I do not work for them, and I am not getting paid to say any of this. I am simply a student. In June I will have taken:
Lyric Writing Tools and Strategies
Songwriting: Melody
Songwriting: Harmony
Writing Hit Songs

The basic building blocks of songs are the Melody, Harmony and Lyrics, if you focus on them and learn how to create prosody and contrast, you will be rockin!

I will probably take more down the road, but the knowledge I have gained and insights have been great!!
It has given me lots of fun songwriting tools to use in my demo studio.

Have you taken any Berklee Courses?

~ Chad

C-Sharp Productions Demo Studio


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