Do I need a fully produced song demo?


If you are a songwriter, you have probably asked yourself that question. Do you need a fully produced demo? Well….the answer is probably. Today’s music world is not based on what “could” be it is based more on what IS. What does this mean? It means labels, and publishers don’t have the money or patience to take an “almost there” project and develop it. They expect the artists and songwriters to be savvy enough to do that and take the bigger hunk of risk. Does this mean a hit song won’t shine through a simple piano-voice or guitar-vocal demo? No. But most people listening want to be fed a demo that sounds like the finished product. It helps them see the picture a little clearer. That little boost may make them see the dollar $igns a little more. They don’t have to use as much imagination.
So in today’s music landscape if you write songs or lyrics, you should invest in your songs and get fully produced demos made. Not only will it make you look more serious, it also gives you something you can have forever as a professional archive of your best work. You can also use the demos to license to TV/Film and other media to actually start making some money with your songs….without a publisher.
What does a fully produced demo sound like? You can listen to some song demos here. These are pop, dance, R&B and modern country song demos that I have produced for songwriting clients here at my studio, C-Sharp Productions. I can take finished songs that have words and melody and make them shine, or I can also take just lyrics and set them to music and also make them come alive. Services like I offer help songwriters see their songs become polished. I know I am plugging my business here, but you really should have at least some produced demos in your arsenal. You don’t have to use me, but take a listen, and if my production style strikes a chord with you, then you should hire me. Listen around and find a producer, like me, that fits with what you are looking for. If you want a folk/acoustic song demo….I’m not your dude. If you want a hot pop, R&B, dance or modern country track, then I can do my thang. One of my clients recently won first place in the Dance genre of the Billboard song contest with a song I produced.

~ Chad


2 Responses to “Do I need a fully produced song demo?”

  1. i need a fully produce song demo (RAP)asap

  2. 2 michael favuzza

    im creating a rao demo and im 13

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