Exercise your songwriter muscles with object writing


Wanna write kick ass lyrics? Yep, me too! We have so much in common, it makes me tingle.
So I have studied songwriting with Berklee Music Online and one class I took opened my eyes and my songwriting mind. It was a Lyric Tools and Strategies class taught by pro songwriter Andrea Stolpe. The class was created by Pat Pattison who is the master expert on lyrics and structure.
This class made me realize that I could actually do what so many people have told me to do….Write everyday.
Ok, I was always like, “What the F%^& am I going to write EVERYDAY!?”
Well I learned in this class that it isn’t so much about waiting for inspiration, it is about giving your creative brain a workout. Work those mental muscles that will help lift your lyrics into the awesome realm.
How can you do this? OBJECT WRITE. You should object write every single day for just 10 minutes. What is object writing? Object writing is where you pick a person, place or thing…HEY a NOUN! and then write about it from each one of your senses…and throw in movement for good measure. So you write about what it looks, tastes, smells, sounds, feels and moves like. Do this for just 10 minutes everyday and really try to describe from your senses so the person reading can experience it. If you do this for 10 minutes everyday, you creative mind and juices will be boiling and your lyrics and ideas will grow wings.
Need an example? Here is one of my daily object writings from my class with Berklee.
The word was “Curtain”
” It smells like dust and mildew. It has been hanging here ever since I was a kid. I think it was here when my mom was born. The maroon color has faded to look more like a faded pink. As I sit in her old chair, my eyes follow the gold embroidered floral patterns as if they were a map. I can hear mom and my aunt in the kitchen just finishing up dishes. The clinks and clanks sound the the very last few drops of rain falling into a puddle as the storm moves past. Everyone else is gone now. My stomach feels like I just got off of a roller coaster. I can taste the ham and mayo sandwiches we had after the service. This curtain has seen so much. It was here for the joys of when her babies were born, and it was here to feel the sting of when she lost grandpa. It is worn, but still looks like the regal cape of a king. The house smells like I remember it as a kid, like a mix of moth balls and vegetables. I feel the warmth of my tears”

Did you experience those words? Object writing is great, and a nice way to really expand your songwriter skills. So take just 10 minutes and write everyday. Pick random words or use a random word generator and see what you come up with!
~ Chad
I write songs and produce music, come see!


One Response to “Exercise your songwriter muscles with object writing”

  1. Hi, thanks for posting this. I just bought Pat Pattison’s book “Writing Better Lyrics” and thought I’d search wordpress for other folks doing the object writing thing. I’ll check out your music too. 🙂

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