Bravo’s songwriting show “Platinum Hit” debuts May 30


As a producer and songwriter, I am cautiously excited about Bravo’s new show called, “Platinum Hit.” They are taking the formula that has worked well for them in shows like “Top Chef” and are launching this new show about songwriting. I am super glad that it will shine the spotlight on songwriting, which is sometimes….ok maybe often overlooked craft. Anyone can write a song, but to write a truly great song usually takes more than luck. It takes technical skill and creativity. I am going to watch with wide eyes to see what kinds of challenges they are put through on the show. There will be big time judges like Kara DioGuardi and Jewel. They will also have guest judges like Jermaine Dupri, Ryan Tedder and Leona Lewis. The winner gets cash and some music and publishing deals.
My hope for the show is that the producers don’t make it a freak show and actually show some respect to songwriters. If they can do that, it will inspire thousands of songwriters to develop their craft, which could not be a bad thing. It may be fun to try some of the challenges at home 🙂 That is what I liked most about taking classes with Berklee College of Music online. The assignments make me write songs on deadline that I may not have written otherwise….so maybe this show will do that too.
Are you excited about this new show?

~ Chad

Song demo producer


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