Developing Your Music Career is Like Starting a Restaurant


What does it really take to start and continue a music career? How can you get into the music industry? Well the answer to how you get into the industry…..You say you are in the industry. There is no magoc gatekeeper and the music business is not a magical paradise that only a few get into. It is Music + Business. By definition, this is simply creating a business from music. Usually business means making money. So want to be in the industry, just start.
BUT starting a good career and developing yourself is alot like starting your own restaurant.
What does a good restaurant need? #1 GOOD FOOD. What does a musician or song writer need? GOOD MUSIC. If you suck, you suck. You can’t make people like you, so like a chef has to learn how to cook, you need to be the best you possibly can be.
How does a restaurant get people to come back? It is easy to find, has a nice atmosphere, and has a niche….Chinese, American, Thai, Italianm etc. Music should be easy to find and by nature has it’s own genre and style. But again, your product better be good. Fans of the style know when it sounds right. Do you sound right, or do you need to go back in the kitchen?
Many people will try a restaurant that is OK, but they may not come back. Many people may hear your song, but maybe only a few will buy, so again it comes down to quality and ease of having access.
Promoting and marketing a restaurant is similar to marketing yourself as an artist. Restaurants use websites, newspapers, TV, radio, blogs, reviews, coupons, promotions and sometimes gimmicks to get butts in the seats. Guess what? Read that list again….sound familiar? Duh! Many of those same tools and concepts can be used to market your music as well. So if you are looking for new ways to promote yourself and your music, maybe you should study how to promote and grow a restaurant. You will find that the only difference between the food biz and the music biz is the word in front of “biz.”

What do you think?

~ Chad

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