Become a Staff Songwriter


The other day as I was driving down the freeway, it hit me. I thought, how cool would it be to become a staff songwriter for a publishing company. Then I started thinking about songwriters like Diane Warren. She has her own publishing company. One writer. Her. I have also heard she is writing constantly. So that means she is a staff writer for herself. That thought was an “a hah!” moment for me. I can be my own staff writer for my own publishing company. That is what we all are anyways, right? Some of us get lucky enough to actually get on a payroll for writing songs, but the vast majority are just writing songs to make what we can make. That means we are really our own publishing company. We have songs, and we try to get them placed, and make money for those placements. That is a publishing company.
All of this makes me think of all the thousands of songwriters that are waiting for someone to come along and “discover” them. Sorry, it just doesn’t happen. The squirrel that never leaves the tree, never finds the nuts. If you don’t know how to get your songs used, you need to do research and learn. It isn’t magic, and other people are doing it right now. Why aren’t you? Start being a staff writer for yourself…if you can’t find the time for just you, how do you expect to write for someone else. Some thangs to ponder….then GO WRITE!
– Chad
C-Sharp Productions
Song Demo Production


2 Responses to “Become a Staff Songwriter”

  1. I totally agree with you, C-Sharp. Although if I had to have a corporate/day job, again, I’d much rather it be a staff writer for a big ole publishing company.

  2. 2 Tony

    What you say is somewhat true. However, writing….at least for most writers….is the easy part. The hard part, which is what a larger organization can provide, is the proper exploitation. 😉

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