How to Put Music to Your Words


Not all songwriters can actually write music. Many ar just lyric writers. The songs they write are from their heart and can be very moving, but they don’t have a way to express it with music. Another situation is where the songwriter can write the words and even can sing the melody, but that is all. They need someone to come up with music, harmonies, and sometimes even perform and record the song. So what is one way these songwriters can make their songs happen? The easy answer is to find a songwriter/producer that can take the song and make it complete. Someone that can look at the lyrics and put just th right sounding music behind it. You may find someone in your area, or you can work with someone like me. I am a songwriter and producer and have been writing songs and producing demos for many years. I do this for a fee…this is my business. All of the works I do are works for hire, so when you have me put your words to music, you actually own the rights, since you are paying me to do that. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I really just want it to be an introduction. This blog has many helpful tips for songwriters who are trying to make something of their music. So be sure to take a look at past posts, also go to my website at and sign up for my monthly newsletter.
When you are ready to put your words to music, let me know. The process of working with me is fairly easy. You can get more info on my site as well.
Keep writing!!
– Chad
C-Sharp Production


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