Diane Warren Songwriting Inspiration


I am so inspired by Diane Warren it is not even funny. She is the perfect example of what focus, hard work and persistence can get you in your music career. I got the April 2010 copy of Keyboard Magazine. They did an interview with her. It was very insightful and they also listed the gear she uses. The funny thing is that it is NOT the gear that makes her a great songwriter….It is the fact that songwriting is all she does…all the time. It is inspiring to me. Think about how many songs she has written. She says she started writing songs when she was 14, which would have been in 1970….she had her first hit in 1983. That is 13 years. She said she was writing 3 songs a day sometimes. If you do the math on that, even if she did 1 song per day for 13 years, that equals more than 4,000 songs. That was just to get to her FIRST hit. Think of how many songs she writes. She has penned over 100 hit songs. WOW. These numbers are totally me thinking too much….but she really does write all the time. In interview after interview she says that is how she works, non-stop, alone. Have you written 4,000 songs??
I am working on it LOL. You can listen to some of mine here. – Chad Sharp


2 Responses to “Diane Warren Songwriting Inspiration”

  1. Ha… Not even close!
    I’ve only been writing songs for about five years (I got started way late in life compared to Diane.. I’m 43. ugh.)

    Anyway, I think I’ve only written maybe 30 or 35 songs at best.
    You can hear some of them on last.fm as well.

    • Diane is an example of someone who put everything she has into her craft and it paid off. I think she is proof that it is not easy. She has had to write her butt off.

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