5 Reasons You Need a Professional Song Critique


If you are songwriter who is looking for real, honest opinions of your work, you need to have a professional song critique. The information you can gather from having your songs critiqued is invaluable. If you take what you hear and use it to learn, you will become a better songwriter and will write the best songs of your career.
here are 5 reasons you should get your song critiqued:

1. Your Family and Friends are biased.
Family and friends, no matter how well they mean, will always give you a biased opinion. They already like YOU, so they will not listen 100% objectively.

2. You can’t properly critique your own work.
You may be able to hear many things, but getting the perspective of someone hearing your song for the first time is something you can’t get on your own. You need to have objective, fresh ears give it a listen.

3. Critiques help you spot areas to work on.
If your fans or friends are saying they like or don’t like certain parts of your song…..have it critiqued. If the person doing the critique says something similar to the others, then that is an area you can focus on improving or expanding.

4. You can use good/bad quotes about your songs on your website.
Testimonials and reviews are some great ways to share info about your music to people who may just be discovering you.

5. Get an idea of what publishers and labels may say.
If you do not get a critique before you play your music for labels or publishers, you may be in for a BIG surprise. Publishers will be the harshest critics of all. So if you get a professional song critique prior to sending out your music, you may know what to expect a bit more.

Those are just 5 reasons to get your songs professionally critiqued. The biggest thing is to take what is said and learn from it.
If you have a song that you would like to get critiqued, I offer a song critique service. I will listen to your song and give you very honest feedback. It is just $20 per song, and can really help you improve as a songwriter.
– Chad
Professional Song Critiques


One Response to “5 Reasons You Need a Professional Song Critique”

  1. 1 tiredlion

    Hey Chad. This is great advice! Everyone who is looking for attention or a professional career in songwriting should take it! I love your 1st point especially. I personally have never failed to disappoint my Mom or my fiancé. LOL.

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