5+ Ways to Touch People with Your Music


We all have songs that we love. They touch us. We laugh, we cry, we get pissed, we make love, we…….the list goes on and on. Why do these songs do this? How can we make our music do that for other people? The key lies in touching people. There are 5 very powerful ways you can make your songs more powerful.
Here are the keys:
1. Sight
2. Touch
3. Taste
4. Smell
5. Sound
6. Physical

Yes, the 5 senses are very important. When you write lyrics you should try very hard to really get the sensation of these senses across in your music. Don’t just make the listener hear your words, make them feel it. Use very descriptive words. Number 6 refers more to the groove of your music. If your song gets people wanting to dance or tapping their toes, you have won the physical race. If you can get people invested in your song through these senses, they may want to invest with their pocket book.
– Chad
C-Sharp Productions
Professional Song Demos for Lyricists


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