5 Ways to get More Fans


The number one thing that all of us musicians and songwriters want is more fans. More fans equals gigs that are more fun. It also equals more sales of music and merchandise. I like quick little tips that get my ideas flowing, so that is why I am sharing 5 ways you can try to win some new fans.

1. Appear on another artist’s songs and CD’s
There has to be other artists in your area that would love to
collaborate on something. You can trade cameos and each of you can walk away with some new fans.
2. Add a link to a free download of your music to your email signature file.
Every single email you send, regardless of the topic will possibly catch someone who wants to check out your music.
3. Perform Live
This one seems obvious, but today too many songwriters are relying only on the internet to get there music out. This does not have to be big gigs. You can sing at school, church, art festivals, colleges, coffee shops, street corners, business functions….you name it…..get out and perform!!
4. Give away your songs online
Free is the new marketing revolution. While the big labels spend mucho dinero on getting music to us….you can simply spend some time and give aways songs online. Post links on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or wherever else you can. In a way you are not giving away music, you are buying new fans.
5. Start a blog
Give people a look into you as an artist. What are you working on? What are you into? Be real and other people will connect.
There are many other ways to get more fans, but hopefully this may give you a little bump so you can work a little more on promoting your music.
– Chad
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