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I run into so many songwriters, singers, engineers, producers….you name it….that ask each other, “Do you do music full time?” It is like there is some unwritten rule that says in order to be “really” good at a music career you have to do it “full time.” Well what these people are really asking is, […]

Peter Spellman has written a great piece about how artists can develop their music careers in our uncertain times. He makes some very great point. You can download his pdf here. – Chad Sharp Listen to the new Chad Sharp CD, “How Would You Feel”

I am so inspired by Diane Warren it is not even funny. She is the perfect example of what focus, hard work and persistence can get you in your music career. I got the April 2010 copy of Keyboard Magazine. They did an interview with her. It was very insightful and they also listed the […]

I grew up in South Dakota, but I always wanted to live in Minneapolis. I love this city. It was where the music I loved was being made. Jam and Lewis, Prince, Janet, The Steeles, etc. I always knew I wanted to live here….now I do! Minneapolis has such a great music past and future. […]

You can now stream full versions of the songs from the my new CD: Chad Sharp – “How Would You Feel.” is a great site for artists to promote their music.

Well gang, my new CD is now available online!! I am super excited. I am really happy with how the project turned out. It is a collection of Dance-Pop-R&B songs all written and produced by me. I also had some help from my friend Tori Fixx. Tori did a hot verse on the song ‘Risque.’ […]

I found this fun video from recording artist Keo Nozari. He is in the process of recording his new CD and put together this video to give a “behind the scenes” look at what he has been up to. I thought it was a neat look into the process that goes into his songwriting. – […]