FAWM Progress….or not


So I signed up on the site FAWM.org. February Album Writing Month….the goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. Here it is 7 days in, and I really have started on 2 songs. I have been busy recording some demos for some other songwriters. I am hoping to work on my own originals more in the coming weeks. I have been impressed with some of the songs that other songwriters are writing on FAWM.org.


2 Responses to “FAWM Progress….or not”

  1. 1 Victoria

    whey, what kind of lricists write for you?
    i have many lyrics if you need any 🙂
    Take a read of this please..
    This is one of my recent ones,
    thanks x

  2. Lyricists hire me to record demos for them. I work in a number of different styles.
    – Chad

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