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I read a blog called the “Hit Music Academy” it is a great resource for singers and songwriters. A couple days ago he posted a guest blog about an indie singer-songwriter who is making a living from her music by developing a fanbase and getting music placements. It is sort of a case study in […]

I just heard about this book called ‘Future Hit DNA.’ I downloaded the first chapter that they offer for free and I was really blown away by the points that the author brings up. It really got my wheels spinning in my head about how music is listened to today and how songwriters should adapt […]

I found this very interesting blog post about how Amanda Palmer used Twitter to make $19,000 in 10 hours using Twitter. It may get your promotional juices flowing. Read it here: – Chad C-Sharp Productions: Songwriting Demo Service

Please check out my new song – “How Would You Feel – DJNB Can’t Enuff Mix.” I wrote the song and performed all of the vocals. My good friend DJ Naughty Boyy did this dance mix of the song. Let your friends know to check it out too! 🙂 Thanks! – Chad Sharp

Derek Sivers does it again, with some great advice on how to network at Music events. Read his blog here. – CHad C-Sharp Productions Song Demos for Lyricists

Derek Sivers is the guy who started He has been very successful in the music business. He has a great blog, and I reallu enjoyed his post today. It talks about how you should set your own course to your goals…you don’t have to do it like everyone else. Read his blog here. – […]

In today’s music world, if you are a songwriter, you need to have a great sounding demo. Today I talk about what can be involved in recording a demo. I have been recording demos since 1996. I get asked alot of questions. Some of my most FAQ are talked about in this video blog. You […]