Make Money Without a Label or Publisher


We live in a very exciting time where it is possible to make money with your music even if you are not signed with a record label or music publisher. I am going to list a few of the ways that I have generated some income from my music. These things are opportunities that can be available to anyone….as long as you are working super hard on making your songs the VERY best they can be.
So here are a few places you can look to start developing revenue generating activity.

1. Get other artists to cut your song. If someone cuts your song, you can generate mechanical royalties. Try to get in touch with local and regional singers and bands in your area. Don’t shoot for the superstars, if you don’t have a track record of success, your chances slim. I have had artists that I produce cut my songs and this generates a little bit of income.
2. Join ASCAP or BMI. They collect performance royalties if your song is on TV or radio. They DO NOT submit your music to these media however. BUT if you are lucky enough to start getting some airtime, it can generate some nice money. I have had my songs used on some national shows and I get quarterly checks from BMI. That feels good!! I can’t live on it….yet….but I am proud that I have music that is being used.
3.…..these guys provide music to stores and restaurants for in-store play. If they select your songs and play them, you get paid royalties. Again, it isn’t big bucks at first, or maybe ever….but something is better than $0.
4. This is a great way to get your music infront of people looking for music for TV and ads. I have had a few songs picked up and used. They pay the owner of the music (me or you) 35% of whatever license fees they collect. It is not an exclusive deal, so you can still market your songs other places. They also do not accept everything sent in….so there is major quality control here. This is a good thing, because they want real people and producers using the site….if the songs suck, no one comes back, let alone pays for music from it. I have had stuff used and I have also had stuff rejected. That is the music biz.
5. Live performing….pretty simple. Get paid to play….even it is just tips.
6. Sell CD’s…..especially when you play live. You are face to face with your customer. Don’t be afraid to market to ’em. Also be sure you have your CD’s online at a site like This allows you to sell to people all over the world and they handle the fulfillment.

If you search online you can probably find many other ways to make some money with your music. None of them is going to make you rich quick, but every dollar made from music is extra special. Keep writing, keep recording, do you thing….and if you need a great song demo….hire me 🙂 Sorry shameless plug. – Chad Sharp
C-Sharp Productions


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