Songwriting Tip: Start with a Chord Progression


Every songwriter is different. Every song is different (if the writer does his job.) One thing I have discovered is that even though I seem to lean one way in my writing, I do write from different starting places for the songs. Sometimes I write lyrics first, then melody and music. Sometimes I have the meldy and then I need words. The other way I write is to start with a chord progression. I play the chords over and over and try out different placements and rhythm and see what sounds the best at the time. I will start on different degrees of the scale. Sometimes I may start my progession with the iii chord and make that the sort of “base” of my song. It may not always follow the rules of music theory but I have come up with funky stuff and learned some things. As an example you may have a progression that goes: iii – V-ii – IV – iii
So for you writers out there that start with melody or words first….on your next song try throwing down some chords first and writiing to that. Feel free to post your link to your songs in the comments so we can hear your work.
PS – I am not a music theory expert, so some of my posts are very simple. I am just trying to share some of the things I have learned from writing songs for a long time.
Chad Sharp


One Response to “Songwriting Tip: Start with a Chord Progression”

  1. great post! thanks so much!

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