Songwriting Tip:Write Better Melodies by Acting Out


One way that I have found I can come up with better sounding lyrics and melodies is to perform my lyrics like an actor first.
What this means is that once you get some words down on the page, pretend they are words from a play. Don’t sing them, but perform them as if an actor was performing them. Use the emotion of what you are trying to get across in your song. Try it a few different ways. You will start to hear patterns in the rhythm and also some patterns in the ups and downs of speech. Pay attention and try to turn that into a melody. Your songs will start taking on a much more natural flow. The best songs sound like conversations. Don’t use big, complicated words. Write lyrics how you would say it in everyday life. When you perform it with feeling it should open some doors or windows and some new ideas might fly in.
– Chad Sharp
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One Response to “Songwriting Tip:Write Better Melodies by Acting Out”

  1. Very interesting approach.


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