Selling Digital Downloads: Indie Artists Need to Do It!


I have been a digital download fan since back in the days when mp3’s first popped on to the scene. I loved the fact that indie musicians could have the ability to get their music literally around the world without ever leaving home…or putting up with a middle man. In 2009 the writing continues to be on the wall that digital music sales is the future, and the best part about it is that us independent artists out here can use it to reach new fans and start generating some income from it. Nielsen released some interesting stats that I found online. According to Nielsen music sales as a whole were up 2.1%…good news, since many feared music sales would fall.
40% of all music sales were digital downloads in 2009. That is up from 32% from 2008. This means that mainstream/average consumers are getting more and more of their music online…which is great news for us!!
People are also buying full albums more and more online. Full digital album sales were 20% of all album sales…which again was a big increase over 2008. Lady Gaga was the biggest selling digital artist of 2009…she sold 15 million track! You go girl!
One interesting factoid is that there were 397,000 physical CD’s that sold at least 1 copy online in 2009. That is down from 450,000 in 2008.
So, my indie music friends, embrace this digital music thing and learn as much as you can about music promotion online…and get your music out to the world. You don’t have to wait for a label…do it yourself. Use sites lik, Tunecore, Kunaki, Mixonic….the list goes on.
I want to see you at the top of the download charts!!
–Chad Sharp

Chad Sharp is a producer-singer-songwriter in Minneapolis, MN. His company C-Sharp Productions helps singers and songwriters record great demos and projects.


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