Independent Music Tip: “If you Don’t Stop, You Can’t Be Stopped”


I think one of the hardest parts about developing your own music career is having the drive and guts to do it for the long haul. You are going to have many….MANY times where someone rejects your work, or doesn’t repsond, or something is supposed to happen and doesn’t. All of that can really work on your self esteem, because so many of us artists and songwriters ar so closely related to our work, if it gets rejected, then we feel personally rejected.
One of the quotes that I always go back to…and I do not know where I heard it….but it always keeps me going is, “If you don’t stop, You can’t be stopped.” That has helped me get through all the times when I felt like the world was wanting to beat me down and brush me under the rug. What that line means to me is that if I just keep doing my thang, no one can take away what I am creating. There is no one else on this planet writing the exact same music I am. No one has the exact same style as I do. No one can ever take away the passion and enjoyment I get from making music. That is power. “If you don’t stop, you can’t be stopped”
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