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Found this interesting story about Tunecore. Thought you may like it as well. – Chad C-Sharp Productions Songwriting Demo Studio Read the article here. Advertisements

We live in a very exciting time where it is possible to make money with your music even if you are not signed with a record label or music publisher. I am going to list a few of the ways that I have generated some income from my music. These things are opportunities that can […]

Don’t let yourself get frustrated with what you don’t have….be thankful for what you have and what you can do right now. – Chad

If you want to really expand your songwriting arsenal, you should be listening to other genres. If you are finding it hard to break your songwriting habits and come up with new ideas, you may just have to change what you are listening to. – Chad Sharp

If you want to grow as a songwriter, you have to exercise your writing muscles. You can do that by writing a lot of songs….even bad songs. You will get better the more you write. – Chad Sharp Record a demo for your song here.

Every songwriter is different. Every song is different (if the writer does his job.) One thing I have discovered is that even though I seem to lean one way in my writing, I do write from different starting places for the songs. Sometimes I write lyrics first, then melody and music. Sometimes I have the […]

Well last night I was surfing and I found a fellow songwriter’s blog. She had done a post about ‘February Album Writing Month.’ I had never heard of this before, but it is a super fun concept. Basically, you take the 28 days of February and set a goal to write 14 songs (an album […]