Make Money with Your Music:Part 5-Network!


Today our topic is Networking! yay! Networking is very important in any business, but even more so in the music business. The simple fact of life is that people work with people they know. So your mission is to be the one that people know. How do you do that? You have to get out there and meet people. The key is to make connections without being pushy and annoying, that will actually hurt you. So before you start slamming demo CD’s into the palms of everyone you meet, you should break the ice by meeting and learning about THEM before you start puking about YOU. Oh, and you really need to have professional business cards to hand out….but don’t hand out demos unless someone has given their permission, and only after you have learned about them first.
Here are some ways you can network:
1. Attend local Chamber of Commerce Events
2. Look for local MeetUps on
3. Attend local open mics and meet other musicians
4. Go to local music concerts and showcases
5. Talk to the clerks at local music equipment stores, you never know who they know, but they should know you!
6. Attend local business luncheons
7. Attend music seminars
8. Go to Trade Shows
9. Introduce yourself to local DJ’s at clubs
10. Ask people at work if they know any other musicians
11. Search online for music blogs and message boards. Read what others are doing.
12. Volunteer for local charities
Hopefully these ideas will get your gears turning so you can start getting out and meeting people….
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2 Responses to “Make Money with Your Music:Part 5-Network!”

  1. This is all excellent advise! I need to check back through the rest of the series!


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