Make Money with Your Music:Part 4-Get Exposure


Getting exposure is crucial to developing your music career.
You should set a goal of doing 1 thing every week that gets your music exposure. Here are some ideas of what you can do:
1. Start a Facebook page for your music
2. Start a MySpace Page for your music
3. Atten local music organization meetings
4. Ask to perform at local benefits and charities
5. Perform at Open Mic Nights
6. Start your own website
7. Start your own blog
8. Enter music contests
9. Send out monthly press releases….but only if you have newsworthy stuff to talk about
10. Do a collaboration with other musicians and singers
11. Record a great demo
12. Send postcards to all your friends advertising your new CD
13. Sell your CD on
14. Use Tunecore to get your music digitally to the world
15. Perform at local festivals
16. Perform at local coffee shops
17. Write an article for a local paper
18. Be a guest on local TV shows
19. Put a video on YouTube
20. Send demos to music companies….but ONLY if you get their permission.
21. Book a tour
22. Send press kits to local newpapers and magazines
There really is no end to how you can market your music. The key is that you just have to do it….you are already setting aside time, right?? 🙂
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3 Responses to “Make Money with Your Music:Part 4-Get Exposure”

  1. Thanks for the mention! If anyone has questions about us or the industry, feel fee to drop me an email.

    Thanks again!


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