Make Money with Your Music:Part3 – Set Aside Time


The most important thing you can do for your music career is to set aside time every single day to work on your music career. I can already hear you saying, “I do not have any time.” Funny. I also hear many of you saying, “I will do what ever it takes to make my music happen.” Ok, then set aside some time!
You don’t have to set asid a full day to make something happen. Small steps add up to long journeys and everything you do is another brick in the foundation.
Here are some things I do to make my music business happen:
1. Take 1 hour to practice and write. 1 hour is not alot of time. Get up earlier if you have to.
2. Listen to business books on CD while you drive
3. Do vocal lessons in the car while you drive. There are CD’s out there with exercises on them.
4. Read your business books before you go to bed. Make a goal of finishing one book per month. These do not have to be about the music business.
5. Ask your family to help you by giving you alone time for your music
6. Practice daily!
7. Practice daily!
8. Stop watching TV, you will be amazed how much time it takes.
9. Study online sites that feature business and marketing.
10. Split up your times….maybe 15 minutes 3 times a day…or 30 minutes twice a day. Small steps add up.
Tomorrow I will talk about some ideas of how you can get some exposure. Getting exposure is very important to building your music career.
Please check out my music biz, C-Sharp Productions.


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