Make Money with Your Music:Part 2 – Study Business


Yesterday I talked about how you really need to work on your craft to make it worth money….if your music sucks, you will never make money with it. So now today we will look at how you need to start developing your business skills. Business really means making money, or transacting business. Music is no different than any other product, you have a product that needs to reach a market and hopefully that market is emotionally invested enough to buy it. If you are not very experienced in business, you should be studying it. If you do not study business, you will not be taking seriously and sometimes you will be taken advantage of. So here are some things you can do:
1. Read business books….even books not about the music business. You should be reading at least one business book per month. Go to the bookstore and browse the business section.
2. Read the book, “Everything You Need to Know About the Music Business” by Donald Passman….this book is a MUST!
3. Read Billboard magazine and pay attention to who is doing what, and how they are marketing new artists.
4. Attend meetings of local songwriting and music organizations…if you don’t know any, then Google them for your area.
5. Check out the competition. Attend local concerts of artists your are where you want to be. What are they doing?
6. Read business books….I already said this, but it is VERY important and if you do, you will be miles ahead of most musicians
7. Apply the concepts you read about to your music.
8. Join a local Chamber of Commerce
Tomorrow we will talk about how to find time to work on your music…
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